Members' Challenges

From time to time the Wellington Quilters Committee offers up a challenge to members.

In 2018, the  "Whatever the Weather" Challenge is to:

Create a quilted work that makes a statement about or illustrates an aspect of the weather.
These quilts will be displayed at our 2018 exhibition in October.

To enter, you will need to:

  •  Be a member of the Wellington Quilters’ Guild
  •  Design and make a quilted item about weather
  •  Use any technique eg pieced (by hand or machine) appliqued, paper pieced,
         embellished, embroidered, painted, folded etc
         The finished item may be 2D or 3D and must fit within a cube measuring
         50cm x 50cm x 50cm 
         Use any type of fabric or combination of fabrics. Non-fabric items eg paper,
         plastic, metal etc may be incorporated and may make up to a third of the design
  •      Ensure the finished work must be multi-layered and held together by stitch
  •  Complete your entry and deliver it to the September WQ meeting on Sept 13th 2018.

There will be a judge’s award and a viewers’ choice award for this challenge.



In 2017, the challenge was to:

Make a quilted wall hanging, 12”x18” finished, in either portrait or landscape format,
using any technique and from any materials, with the theme "Wellington at it's best".
The theme can be interpreted in any way that the maker wishes.


 2017 Challenge winner - "Wellington Heads " by Jenny Pearl

2017 Challenge winner - "Wellington Heads " by Jenny Pearl


The 2016 Challenge was to interpret Wellington's waterfront.