Members' Challenges

From time to time the Wellington Quilters Committee offers up a challenge to members.

In 2017, the challenge is to:

Make a quilted wall hanging, 12”x18” finished, in either portrait or landscape format,
using any technique and from any materials, with the theme "Wellington at it's best".
The theme can be interpreted in any way that the maker wishes.

All quilts entered MUST be for sale, as they will be part of a sale of work at the
Academy of Fine Arts on Queen Wharf during the World of Wearable Arts season
in September/October 2017. 

Entry is open to all financial members of Wellington Quilters. Challenge entries must
be delivered to the monthly meeting of Wellington Quilters in August 2017.

NOTE - all entries must have a hanging sleeve* and batten.

An entry fee of $20 per item applies.

*Making a hanging sleeve and batten

1. Cut a strip of fabric 6-8" wide and approx. 1" shorter than the finished width of the quilt. Hem the short ends.

2. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and sew a 0.25" seam along the length of the strip.

3. Fold the tube so that the seam allowance is centred on one side. Press the seam open. See Fig 1.

4. Place the tube/sleeve on the back of the quilt just under the top binding. Place the seam side against the back of the quilt to hide it. Carefully hand stitch the top and bottom edges of the sleeve to the quilt.

5. Cut a flat wooden batten approx. 0.75" shorter than the finished quilt width (use timber approx. 430 mm wide x 10mm deep). Attach screw eyes at each end, positioned so the quilt can be hung for display. See Fig. 2


             Fig 1.

             Fig 1.

                 Fig 2.

                 Fig 2.


The 2016 Challenge was to interpret Wellington's waterfront. (Photos will be available soon).